Reviews for "Popcorn Remix!"

Haha! The famous Popcorn!

Popcorn was the first synth song to ever get noticed. And becuase of it, we are using synthesizers now today.
This remix is perfect, it shows how old things can be brought back. No problems with anything. Everything, even the toon, is great.
Keep it up!


nice music
4/5 ^^

This is loud out pimpin

There are like a ton of diffrent beats in the song and new styles and this should be on sale on a CD.This really will make a great hit with my clan and a great song for my PSP!

Its awsome dude

This Popcorn version would fit the clubs right away.

Keep up the good work

//Salutes from sweden

Best Popcorn Remix. Period.

I have listened to every Popcorn remix from here back to the early 90's, and let me tell you. This is the BEST. PERIOD.