Reviews for "Triumphant Returns"

+tear+ beautiful

it makes me feel like prancing around my house. great song i have an idea for it in a book im writing. YOU GENIUS

i like ur music

it's cool :3

That Magical Song...

At the end of a movie with lots of crying and happiness in it. Tis seems like some kind of happy "I love you not the other person" song that I've seen and heard a thousand times, but I must admit it is well composed and I enjoyed writing this comment.

nice work

nice one is not hard or BOM but low and nice it is a good ending for a game or somthing like that but i cant say is pefect but close=)


This is truely an amazing piece of work. The transistions from part to part worked perfectly and i did not expect them the first time i listened. The music certainly sounds triumphant and the build to the climax worked incredibly well.
A couple things that i think could use a little work:
1) At around 1:50 when the music changes pace, I would like a little less vocals and have the brass brought out a bit more as it has the more melodic part.
2) This is just a pet peeve of mine. I have an almost passionate dislike for fade endings. I don't mark people down much for them, but it leaves the song sounding unfinished for me. It also sounds a little like the artist didn't want to plan an ending, so they just turn down the volume.
Other than those two things though, I have no complaints. Even with the fade, I love the piece. Keep composing!