Reviews for "Triumphant Returns"

so very moving.

i will never forgive people who dont rate this 10/10 and 5/5
its just made of pure win.

For some reason, this moved me...

...I don't know why. It just did and I'm a dude. That should say something.

Another great track by you.

This was a wonderful song,i loved all the music that was played throughout it sounded real heavenly and peaceful which was quite enjoyable and it didn't get repetitive either considering it was so long,overall this was another masterpiece done by you so keep up the great work. =D

Okay so here's my story...

Starting with the beginning of the song this is what i see in my head.

Some girl in her room crying, holding picture of guy (love interest). Switches to guy in futuristic battle in future-eque war. Battle continues on, getting more intense as song gets more intense. Big bomb goes off near guy, switching back to slower part of song. Military vehicle pulls up to girl's house. Older guy comes out and she greets him. Seeing a letter in his hand she assumes guy dies, only to have the guy walk out of back seat with krutch under one arm. Girl runs to him, fall down kissing. Rest of song plays through their life quickly skimming through. The last piano piece is of them younger sitting on bench holding each other.

That Magical Song...

At the end of a movie with lots of crying and happiness in it. Tis seems like some kind of happy "I love you not the other person" song that I've seen and heard a thousand times, but I must admit it is well composed and I enjoyed writing this comment.