Reviews for "this is your life (nge)"

This is another classic!

Pure classic. If you were on Newgrounds in 2001... you were a fucking man. You knew how shit was. In fact, we NEED to go back to those times in order to reach new heights. I know which music video to use, too... THIS. If you oppose this, it means you're a weak minded & weak hearted pussy faggot cuck that NEEDS to GET THE FUCK OUT so we can keep Newgrounds great. If you vote positively, i will take that as support for our grand ol Newgrounds. However, if you vote negatively, i WILL hound you off of Newgrounds to keep your scummy & grubby meathooks off here, thus keeping this grand website GREAT. In fact, if need be... there can be a #MAKENEWGROUNDSGREATAGAIN type party... oh yeah... i went there.

Back in the day it never occured to me, but now I finally realize it. NG is my life.

This sums up Newgrounds and all it's greatness in one video. Cherish this with your life.

A classic.