Reviews for "this is your life (nge)"


Ive Been on here when i was 8. AND IM ONLY 12 NOW!


its brain fck!! if u not see that u shit!!!


omg i almost loled but was like not

One of the best

I was not here when Newgrounds was first launched in 2000, but this is a great way for me to get associated with it! This was the first time I ever heard that "Fight Club" song and it is a truly great song. Sure, the images that went with it are not very fitting, but that is beside the point. I love how you went out of your way to recreate some of the flashes here. The surrealness of this submission (even the loading screen) really make it crack up on points. It is like a demo reel, but for all of Newgrounds!


i laughed so hard i had to go AFK to pee thats incredibly awesome dude 10/10 you did not miss a beat on this one