Reviews for "this is your life (nge)"

Cool, what I saw of it...

It was cool, but for some reason it kept restarting when I got to the part with Eskimo Bob. It really sucked cause I wanted to see it. I wonder why the hell it does that? The music was really cool. Fight club style! Tyler Durden has the best quotes ever. You make it, or find it somewhere?


That was great man! really great! i gotta say that really tells something about NG. keep up the good work man!

DJ = Digital Jumbler

..hehe! Now, that's gone and saved a lot of us some serious time-wasting-download-caching all the 'un-kut' originals... cheers!
I'd rate you as a kustomizer grade 3 [koding not required DJ] with (personal opinion) good taste in movies/music.

good flash but theres just oooone problem

why the hell are you rippin off other peoples flashs. how would you like it if you worked for hour on an animation and then someone uses it in their flash even if they didnt take credit for it.
Having to use that many other flashes is the sign of one very important thing in this case. You Cant Flash On Your Own...!!!

HackerZC responds:

For your information, 4 of the movies used are mine. Secondly I have had my movies com in 1st, 3rd, and 5th for the day on many different occasions. I've even been sent email from Tom and Wade Fulp complimenting my work.

I made this to be a newgrounds parody to entertain the people at newgrounds.

But seeing how you have not made any portal submissions I can understand why you might be upset.

In addition, I have had people use my stuff in there animation before. Infact I encurage it!

What is it to "FLASH"? It is not a verb so I am confused. Much like you mother when I asked here where she wanted it.