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Reviews for "PPGD: Battle in Megaville"


It is about time someone did a game for this comic. A great comic deserves a great game, and you delivered it well.
As a suggestion, Grimm's Tales from down Below would make a great adventure game.

Holy crap...oo;

Words cannot express how impressed I am with this game. It's so elaborate, and honestly, rather authentic!

Bravo to you!! <3

Very cool!

Great game, but I couldn't firgure out how to do the third and most powerful combo. i.e for Bell the beam of white light, and for the 3 guys the huge big green blast. Any help?

arayh responds:


Bell's aura will glow if you punch in the combination attacks: B,A.

Rowdyruff's Butch pulls out a green beam when you use attack A mid-air.

Best. Game. Ever. Seriously!

This game could be compared to Street Fighter about 15 years ago. (My God, is it 2006 alredy?)

In terms of a flash game, this the pinnacle of flash gaming thus far. The characters even have AI. I did nothing for a few seconds and Buttercup attacked me (as Dexter). This game is intellegent, exciting, and well developed. A variation of difficulty levels, controls, graphics options. It's an old-school gamers dream!

If there is a version 2 of this, there should be a Good Girls (Blossom, Bubbles, and Buttercup) v. Bad Girls (Mandy, Gaz, and Mandark's sister.)

/No one ever listens to the French! FIVEN across the board!

Very very good.

Good times. My friends and I would play this in Auto Shop when our teacher would give us ridiculously long to work on our engines. We would do a 2 week project in 2 days. This kept us entertained for hours. Shira Bell is a great boss. Incredible work man.
The comic is great too.