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Reviews for "PPGD: Battle in Megaville"


This is probably the best thing Powerpuff related ever!
Mostly because it adds tons of anime goodness into it. Plus Dexter.
The coontrols are a bit hard to grasp, but it still is a nice package. Cool stuff!


Beyond coolness! This was just amazing, probably one of the best developed games I've seen. My only problem is with the size of the screen, but really the fact this game is so amazing, kinda makes that problem not be a problem. Kick ass


Never thought i'd see a powerpuff girls fighting game. I couldn't even tell until i looked at the name buttercup. PPGD, powerpuff girls demo.
Graphics kicked ass, i dunno how you found the sprites for it, nice looking attacks and stuff. I always thought ppg was in cartoon, not anime. Anyways it looked great and i really enjoyed the fighting style. All my 5 r belong to this!


i really don't like fighting games but most people do and i don't wanna miss out on a protection piont so i gave your video a 5. good game nice graphics. i just always suck at these fighting games.

Awesome game

This ROCKS!!!!!!!! I owned Everybody!!!!!