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Reviews for "PPGD: Battle in Megaville"

Great Game!

However, I think the rowdyruff or whatever boys are over powered. You can do that spining kik to get im in the air and then get that green dude to own em, then time it right to kik em up with a normal B,A then jump and let the green dude own them again. Trying to perfect it so i can continuasly kill them like that but so far max i have gotten is like..62 hits combo. Works so easy on bell, only problem is Zim...basterd doesnt go up...

Greatest. Game. Ever.

This game is hands-down the greatest fighting game I've ever played on the net. I just have a few things to point out. Allow me to give a couple suggestions. If possible, it would do wonders if the game screen was a little bigger. Making deflecting even the slightest bit easier would help greatly. As for the difficulty, I've only hit 7 and I've found the enemies near-impossible to beat, depending on who I'm using.

I can only wonder what the unlockables are...only got Zim Survival so far.

And Shira Bell was a major pain to beat. Took me forever with the Rowdyruff Boys. @_@

Very nice work to the maker of this game!!

Very nice job on all of the elements of this game!! I also like the comic as well. Though there are only six playable characters at this time, it's still a great game to play.

BTW, for those of you who are still having trouble beating Shira Bell, I beat her with none other than... BUBBLES!!! Surprise, surpise!!! Just keep practicing.... ^_^


1: Go and play mini-game and get 100 pts. or more for x-tra options
2: set for auto-deflect-True and 3x damage
3: Defeat at lvl 9 (make sure you have zim)
4: to get zim, 2x wins on zim survival
5: Enjoy you little cheaters :P

Shira Bell

I know that you can unlock Shirabut why is she so hard.
Onec while I was fighting her she like predicted my moves
I got Pissed after the 45th time I tried to beat her on difficulty 9
Have you beaten her?

Well other then that it was a great game. I hope you make a part 2

arayh responds:

I have beaten her a few times on difficulty 10. I admit she beat me several times, but there are certain strategies that seem more effective than others. I'm not sure if she's predicting your moves, but she certainly has a mean way to counterattack.