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Reviews for "NancyKerriganQ(Sample)"

probably just

the best 35 seconds of my life. as usual, you are amazing. congratz

CWN responds:

Thank you :-)

sounds pretty bitchin o.O

What album? Give meh some intel on it when you can cuz this sounds pretty bad ass.


CWN responds:

Making a full length album, not sure about the number of tracks yet, but should be around 12-14 songs!
Might take a while to complete, 2 songs are finished, 3 instrumentals.... Long way to go !

If this doesn't make it to the album...

I shall be very sad.
And will ask politely for an mp3 version.
Beautiful and brutal, just the way it should be.
Can't wait for the album!!

CWN responds:

I don't know when the album will be finished, it's a lot of damn work, and i just got some new equipment to record with... Plus university is killing me >.<
But there is a high chance, this song will end up on it !


sounds pretty fucking promising my friend. really love how that 0:22-passage comes and kick you in the face. sounds awesome!

CWN responds:

Thanks dude :-D



I kid.

I wonder how many people know who the fuck you are talking about.


Current Score

4.28 / 5.00 (+ 0.069)

CWN responds:

I was reading a book on physics, where a professor was quoted saying that in the world of physics, especially tough questions with no answers yet are referred to as Nancy Kerrigan Questions. I must have watched the video of the attack on her about 20 times... Still think i should sample her and include her somewhere in the song :-)
But the song is not initially about Nancy Kerrigan, it is actually about a day where I really should have stayed in bed, because everything went wrong.