Reviews for "amazing shorts!"

Loved it!

I was laughing before the flash even started! The lil guy at the begining saying "wait, Bitches" was a great way to start this awesomely kool flash. My fav part i must say was the babies full of heroin!!! I've already watched this 3 times! Great work!

Hilariously Random.

I loved this. My favourite part was where the poor guy was being laughed at by a clock. :)

I enjoy this style of graphics, they are very clear, detailed and really suit the flash. The sound and music combined with some excellent humour and graphical excellence made this an awesome flash. It's definatly going in my favourites. I hope you make more because I feel, sadly, this wasn't long enough, more shorts added on and I would've been even more entertained. Superb flash.


I loved that. Wow..

I just.. Did.

I don't know why. Sorry if this isn't much help.


Linzy <3 it.




I'm giving you a five simply because you used Richard Cheese clips.

Richard Cheese is one cool cat

funniest thing all week

dude i loved the rape bit lol it literally made me lol and rofl

i was a frikkin roflcopter