Reviews for "amazing shorts!"

Yep, you are a flash god!

who else can make me laugh that much in under 5 minutes?!
that was so good, really funny and I loved it! Please make more!

Awesome Blossom

Oh my god, you have a talent that I wish I had. It reminds me of Robot Chicken (which I love), but makes me laugh more in only 4 segments. The Preloading screen is funny on it's own and all the segments were hilarious. The Heroin Baby scene was crazy and funny. Richard Cheese is always a plus in my book. And I love how you took a Green Day song and made it so funny.

And I must say, you make sad things look funny as hell xD

I hope to see more of your work in the future oh lazy one! =D


Oh, man! Richard Cheese cracks me up! xDD Another good one. <3

you have a deviantart account don't you?

that's the first place i saw some of these and i instantly fell in love with your style!!!:D


Excellent job! I think your replay button at the end is broke though....