Reviews for "amazing shorts!"

to the user below me...

to start, lazymuffin didn't make the audio for this. read the fucking credits if it's really not obvious to you. second of all, stop being a douchebag. richard cheese is funny; it's just a joke. no one's questioning how amazing stairway to heaven is.

to lazymuffin: awesome stuff per usual. good job dude.


lazy, your awesome and such, and i loved your jazz version of get down with the sickness, but you just dont do that to stair way to heaven man. im sorry, but i must deduckt a point.


are fantastic. Funny, clever and you have uber taste in music and funny business.


u are a great animator and i cant stop laughing/watching you work keep it up


you get a ten not only because ur freaking funny and that ur my favorite author but because u had the bodasity to put greenday in that short!!!!!!!!!!!! KEEP IT UP!!!!!!!!