Reviews for "amazing shorts!"

Totally Random

Yeah that was really random, but quite funny at the same time. The animation was good and the lip syncing was perfect. Only one criticism, it could have been longer, seeing as you only had one proper sketch in the whole of the movie.


OooooooooooooooK this sucs


i don't know what i can say to this, i liked it but i still don't know what it looks good enough to pass though, plus i had to turn my speekers right up to hear, my speakers are good, the sounds not brilliant on it its OKAY!

nice shorts

oh man, how i love richard cheese. i will turn any song into a masterpiece. nice shorts, i like your style, smooth, and slick ;) the flow of the fbf of rape me was really well done too. congrats! put a smile on my face ^_^ overall, kinda short, but that was expected, but i still enjoyed it :3


Hehe nice done!