Reviews for "Batman Dances"

Your animation needs some work

Well the art sucked royaly, however it was humerous enough to make me laugh (and laugh a fair bit infact) so i liked it!


There was some pretty funny stuff in there and actually in places the cut and paste pictures seemed to work out sort of well. Only it is sort of annoying to look at low quality pixalated pictures through the whole flash. Anyways graphics aside, I didn't mind this at all, it made me laugh and in a flash like this that is whats really important. nice.

Could be improved upon...

One thing I found is that the animation needs a bit more work. Instead of just moving characters up and down when they talk, you could add in stuff like making the mouths move. I also noticed some scenes had a plain color background, you could really add to them by adding in your own backgrounds.


the riddler's prank call was funny. i gave you a three because i think it might actually survive. good luck in future flashes.

Cringe. Everything seems forced. Why is this rated M? The rating should be T