Reviews for "Batman Dances"

Pretty good!

I just thought that that movie was pretty awesome.

As Alfred would say--


I don't know why but this had me cracking up even more then the first one. :D

This is just too funny. Good job Master Bruce.

Fucking Funny

Ignore all bad reviews, this is funnier then at least 80% of the stuff usually showcased on the front page. Both of these are hilarious, please for the love of bread make more, I mean surly they can't take that long to throw together.

I Really Liked BaTMan Dreams But...

This Was Okay, You Could Have Done Way BetteR. Oh Oh Its Magic. LMAO. I Give You A Mercy Score 4/5. Since Your First Flash Was Hella Funny.

Oh God i hope this stays!

that was funny as hell,
great job.
i hope it doesn't get blammed but i'm worried people will see the poor graphics and blam it.
too bad, i think the graphics add a lot to the humor.
well done,