Reviews for "Batman Dances"


If God made a batman spoof, it'd be something like this.


Dude wtf was that?! i have no idea but it was awesome!!! Just watch Batmans dance!!! LMAO

It was funny. Good enough for me.

The humour was a bit childish, but who gives a shit. Noone thats who.

Graphics weren't great, but not bad, sound wasn't anything to shout about either and there was barely any violence, but thats all irrelivent because it was pretty funny! And thats all I care about.

What the fuck is wrong with you people?

Something that's been upsetting me recently is that entries like THIS aren't gracing the front page and getting scores above 4. This flash is QUALITY. I could go on and on about that but then I'd just be talking like an idiot.

Greak work. Gotta love that Batman. The Riddler is some sort of legendary king.


omg. this is whta flash should be. And it's back from good ol' 2006, back when stuff was still shit and people liked it. i think.
anyway, the song at the end was fucking killer. motherfucking killer i grooved to that bitch.