Reviews for "Batman Dances"



Holy Crap

That was Funny as Ken Masters


This was freaking funny I like the way you made batman dance.
I like the ending a lot too "DIE" lol make more. Oh that song was cool whats' the name or where can I get it.

hee hee hee

Very nicely done batman! I will admit, I thought it was gunna suck at first, but you came back and had be laughing most of the way through the film! many of the films I have seen that don't use all animated cartoons have unfortunantly sucked, but yours was indeed not among those ranks. I thought the superman talking to the buttler to be the funniest part and bravo on the voice modification of supermans DIE!!! hope you got more were that came from, cause then I will have more good reviews to give you :)

I loved the ending.