Reviews for "Batman Dances"

BATMAN RULES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

You should make a series out of this hilarious evvent. Plz make more this deserves 5/5!!!!!!!!!!!! I like how you make fun of everyone in the batman dance. also you should make batman dance more. im givin ya a perfect score.

For the love of Buddha make another!

Holy shit this is probably my 30th time viewing this masterpiece of a flash submission. Its funny as fucking hell. Gets me cracking up every time. Make another one soon as possible!


This flash was rather lovely I like its a lots yes very much indeed it is quite the funny yes I must say indeed.

What the fuck

You need to wash your brain out with drano!


that was... well... i cant think of the word... ill get back to you once i do xD