Reviews for "Batman Dances"

Pretty good!

I just thought that that movie was pretty awesome.

I loved the ending.


It was funny. Good enough for me.

The humour was a bit childish, but who gives a shit. Noone thats who.

Graphics weren't great, but not bad, sound wasn't anything to shout about either and there was barely any violence, but thats all irrelivent because it was pretty funny! And thats all I care about.


There was some pretty funny stuff in there and actually in places the cut and paste pictures seemed to work out sort of well. Only it is sort of annoying to look at low quality pixalated pictures through the whole flash. Anyways graphics aside, I didn't mind this at all, it made me laugh and in a flash like this that is whats really important. nice.

Oh God i hope this stays!

that was funny as hell,
great job.
i hope it doesn't get blammed but i'm worried people will see the poor graphics and blam it.
too bad, i think the graphics add a lot to the humor.
well done,