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Reviews for "Virtual Sea Monkeys"


yo that was realy cool man even though I sucked teribly but it still rocked

This is pimp

this game was sweet but the gay things died cause of bacteria. How do u stop that?

Even in this version,they're still just shrimp! ;)

Okay, this was a blast.
But I was hoping - desperately hoping - that the scars of my youth might be healed in this, the cyber version of Sea Monkeys. Alas, they were not.
No papa Sea monkeys wearing crowns, no mama Sea monkeys with lipstick and a backup-singer attitude pose goin' on --- just brine shrimp.
Ohhh (:::swoon:::) the pain of it all. ;)
The porno music was definitely a highlight, though. Good stuff.


i thot it was funneh wen they was mating, and at first i thot they were eating eachothre

Love the song at the end

whats the name of the song you used?