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Reviews for "Virtual Sea Monkeys"


The porn music at the end was hilarious...Just a little tip..Don't feed them till the fifth day..but air it every SINGLE day! and if there are still little sea monkeys, still use the little spoon until they're all grown. Then use the big end of the spoon! props to you! nice work

Pretty good

make sure you dont feed them till the fith day. but air it every day.

that game was awsome

I couldnt get it past th 3rd day it always dies of Bacterial Infection then i couldnt purify the water cuz the water purifyer was gone!

good game though!

Even in this version,they're still just shrimp! ;)

Okay, this was a blast.
But I was hoping - desperately hoping - that the scars of my youth might be healed in this, the cyber version of Sea Monkeys. Alas, they were not.
No papa Sea monkeys wearing crowns, no mama Sea monkeys with lipstick and a backup-singer attitude pose goin' on --- just brine shrimp.
Ohhh (:::swoon:::) the pain of it all. ;)
The porno music was definitely a highlight, though. Good stuff.

That was good

Reminded me of my childhood.