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Reviews for "Virtual Sea Monkeys"

That was cool

Very nice, but I lost once, the mating music was a nice touch, and I never saw any bacteria build up in my tank.

This would be a 10 game if you put in such stuff as being able to upgrade to bigger and better tanks, those little "toy" thingies that came with my sea monkeys, don't have it end at the 2nd generation, make it last for as long as you can keep those lil guys alive, be able to give 1 or 2 of 'em a personality, then trade 'em over the net. This could potentially be an awesome game, get what I'm saying?

Reading directions now!

The game is fun. I'm stupid and didn't read the directions so mine died around 50 times. I'm so addicted to this game! I get online everyday and play it at least twice. I like breeding little sea monkeys. :-D

it was pretty good

it was only fun for a while but pretty good fun while it lasted

My poor sea monkeys....

Pretty cool, but they shouldn't die, i didn't like it when they died.I kept my computer on over night just to to watch them swim happily around. Then it said, wait one week. I clicked it, they died. I cried. You shouldn't make them die. Its not nice.

Very nicely done

I liked it, I really did. Good job. Reminds me of those damned Gigapets. But at least this one didnt Beep at you. Keep up the good work