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Reviews for "Virtual Sea Monkeys"

Wohoo! I won!

Myabe i should get sea monkeys..
Tip: When water is greenish, don't feed them, just give them oxygen..and when there's no greenish color in the tank, feed them..(big portion if they look bif, small portion if they look small)

this is very original, love it!

this is very good. i loved it alot, however...i cant get my monkies past 2 days because of the "water impurities" how do i fix this? i see that i run out of water purifier on the first day so theres none left to kill the damn impurities. FUCK! keep up the good work!

Very funny game!

Very funny, i love this! Except the part when they say than mine died because of food bacteria...grrrr!

Great idea. It's pretty fun, but I couldn't do it.

Excellent idea for a game. I almost had it, but the fucking bacterial infection got me.

FUN FUN!!!!!!!!!!

that was like real sea monkeys except all the time. mine died :(