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Reviews for "Virtual Sea Monkeys"

Very Original

I think this is a very original idea, never seen anything like it! Kept me busy for a while it was really good, after about 3 weeks all mine died...damn those bacteria

hahaha thats great

at first they kept dying on the third day and then i realized that the instant sea monkeys had food in it already


hehe, seamonkeys! Very creative! I never could get them to grow 2 adults. Oh well... Insuficient Oxygen sumpthin or-other. I like it.

Great Game

I found this realy entertaining, the feature of it telling you why they died was good to, so that way we could correct our mistakes. it took me a while to reach the objective because my little monkeys died of bacteria. I skipped over the part in the instructions about not having to feed them for the first 4 days. Now on the other hand, i can beat this game in as little as 30 seconds, just repeat a few things each day. when you first put them in the tank, don't do anything but using the bubble thing. do this every day, for 5 days. then the next 2 days give them food from the little spoon, and use the bubbles. then just use the big spoon, and the bubbles for the next few weeks.

That was cute

Very very cute. My sea monkeys died because I'm sadistic and decided they DIDN'T NEED OXYGEN, MWAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!