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Reviews for "Virtual Sea Monkeys"

Interesting Game...

Raising the Sea Monkies were strange. It was funny when your near the end of the stage they put on funky sexy music. It was mostly like a tomagotchi, but more complicated.

Good Idea

You need to add a day counter so you know what day your on

Boredom Simplified

What the fuck were you thinking? Real true to life Sea Monkies (Brine Shrimp) Suck! Why would anyone want to raise fake ones? This was moronic... and boring. Unfortunatly it looks like you wasted a lot of time and effort on total fucking crap! Make something worth my time.

Just can't do it

Is there ANY way to keep them alive???

It was Okay

I wouldn't say it was the best since the sea monkey died way too quickly. But this game is worth a try.