Reviews for "Fancy Pants Adventures"

freaking awesome!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

dude this was the best game ever make the second one iv been waiting so long

da best

this game is da best game ever played in my entire life.

Loved it!

I love this game! perfect Stick animation. I originally thought that secret on level 3 was a glitch, but i was wrong. I cant imagine the actoinscript that went into this. Await the next one, in world 2.

All My Base Belong to Fancy Pants

Music is superb
Gameplay is superb
Animations are superb

This is a game that makes you feel awesome and artistic while playing

sweet i wanna see 2

u got to face a penguin and about 4 hits kills it lol kinda easy but good add weapons and more bigger story mode

DrNeroCF responds:

I dunno about weapons, but World 2 will definitely be bigger and have a story.