Reviews for "Fancy Pants Adventures"

wicked kick ass

that was cool. the only problem was that room with the bouncy walls...you know, the one with the black goo that fills up the room? i got foncused. but the game was amazing. make more like this, and you could very well get a coupla awards...and gfs! ^__^


I tend to be long-winded when it comes to reviews, but I can easily make this one short:
Best. Flashgame. Ever.

Action Packed to the T

I really liked this game! There was only 1 bug I found, and that's after you beat the angry penguin. What happens is when I go into the level select door and then LEVEL2 , it spawns me inside of the world ( I think ) and proceeds to drain all 3 of my lives till I die! :-( Other than that, TOP NOTCH and I hope to see LOTS MORE!!!


this game is AWESOME! I'd recomend this over the current hot sellers for the PS3, Xbox360, and that other new thing nintendo brought out... wazzit called, the nintendo reloaded or something...

I loved playing this game and anyone reading it* will also enjoy playing it! I hope to see the even more awesome sequel soon!

*there are people on newgrounds who are not actually sentient and are void of this offer.

Most excellent.

Haha that's funny cuz I was on armorgames . com (the original hosts of this game and a few other good games on NG) and it's awesome to see it actually put on the front page. good stuff, excellent game and music, i loved it. keep up the good work.