Reviews for "Fancy Pants Adventures"


I may or may not have played the alpha of this game and I may have or not have been anticipating this games release for quite a while ..

Awesome game, friend :D!!1

<3 it

Very fun

This is one of the best games I've played. The character looked cool, the music was cool, the levels were fun to play, & just jumping around was fun. I'm really looking forward to the next one. The only thing that bothered me was that I wanted to make the character do a front flip, but the best I could do was do a backflip while moving forward. I hope there's a frontflip in the next game. Awesome job!

DrNeroCF responds:

Intriguing, yes. There has been times when I wanted to do a front flip, but just didn't have the time to get it perfectly right, so I didn't bother. For World 2, however...


It's a great game when it comes to level design and programming. Awesome. It's a really good game when it comes to character animation. It's generally an ok game when it comes to the graphics but what's the biggest letdown is the character design, which I think is really lacking. At first I thought the simplicity might have something to do with processing power but considering the detail of the backgrounds I guess that's mistaken. Hotpanst himself is OK I guess (although lacking character) but the enemies, I mean the spiders, they are so generic, the mice are better but...
I also wish there would be more colour, I guess grayscale can be stylistic but I think this game wouldn't suffer at all from a splash of colour. Still, this is the best NG platformer, no doubt. I just wish it had awesome character design as well as awesome level design.
Oh and the music is really good, gotta check out API's other stuff.

absolutely amazing

im not tryign to be melodramatic here - but this is an achievement in flash games. it pushes barriers both technically and stylistically for all flash games so far. it actually captures the FEEL of a real, well-designed platformer! the gameplay was a wonderful mix of various platformer elements (running up curved walls was fun as hell). everything felt natural and smooth; the design was perfect.

please please finish this game!

one bug i noted, though other ppl may have mentioned it, is that if you jump off of the first gun-rat-thing you can fly through the wall and fall off the stage. minor problem, just didn't seem like there was a barrier up high on that wall.

This, should be #1

Far more entertaining than that "Murloc RPG" thing that was #1 yesterday. This needs to be at least in the top 3... especially when fully completed.

Beautifully made, designed... and everything is so perfectly fluid. Definitely the best Flash Platform game out there.