Reviews for "Fancy Pants Adventures"

The fucking arthouse Sonic the Hedgehog.

This was pretty much the most amazing game ever.
Awesome art.
Great music.
And I loved the dynamics..


Ownage Ownage Ownage! That game is the best one ever... I loved it soooooo much man this is mad amazing !!! But when i tryed to select a level i jsut keep dieing for sum reason ... but i restarted it and it was all good :) Great game it deserves the awards it got but it should of had weekly 1st place :)

All I can say is:

My friend, you are a genius.


I guess it's OK

This is one slick game.

I gotta say, I'm impressed. This game's just got a great vibe. Great music, really well-done graphics, sound effects are really good. The only bad thing is that the graphics turn extended play into a bit of a downer... as in, I get depressed from all the dull colors. But hey, it's part of the feel, right?