Reviews for "Fancy Pants Adventures"

Simple, fun!

The graphics are a great example on how some of the simplest art can make the most sytlish visuals. Great backrounds, good character design, and amazingly smooth animation.

And gameplay not only matched the look of this game, but soared above it. Again, simple and awsome. The physics, oh the physics! Running as fast as you can, jumping off a ramp, and just hanging in the air. Countless times I've done this, and it's still fun. The gravity was the best part of the game.

Overall- one of the best, simplest, and funnest games on Newgrounds. Good show!

Well done!

I liked how the character moved and interacted with his world. Fresh ideas from what I have seen. Keep it up!

best flash-game I played ever!

The whole concept is awesome! Most of all the moves of the figure, like back-flip-jumps, running up walls and so on...

Awesome flash

Loved this game. It reminded me of super mario bros in a way but cooler. is the sequel gonna be on here soon??d


Hey man.........
Flooding the room before i even started to climb was wicked man.......

Good job dude,Keep it up!