Reviews for "The Love of Marion"

Instant Classic

I predict that will became a legend on NG, soon.
Soon this will get as a standard for musicians here :)) Everybody who will try orchestral with voice will have face a comparison with your track...
Congrats to you and Hania.
Instant classic and instant favorite ;)

Bosa responds:

Maybe it will be. We'll have to see!

i really like it!!!

im experimenting with orchestral music too but do you have some tips for me how it sounds great?

Bosa responds:

Just keep practicing and experimenting with new things. Eventually, you'll have something you can submit to newgrounds. The more you create and learn about classical music, the better you get at making it.

hania is awemazing :D

man her voice is so gooood, cant get enough great job

Stunnigly beautiful

that's really all there is to say. Your voice and the music blend in a way that is a true blessing.

Though I do need to ask. What language is this, it sounds familiar but I can't place it.

...oh dear lord, this is amazing. And yes, I am going to be a goon. Translation; I can haz? It's beautiful....

Bosa responds:

You will have to ask Hania, my good sir.