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Reviews for "Dearly beloved 8-bit"

im not a huge fan of 8bit but..

this was pretty awesome. it loops well and doesn't get annoying. Which is a huge thing cause for a loop like this you'd expect it in maybe a "in town" or "home" section of a snes/gameboy game. So yeah man I'll have to check out some more of your stuff. I hope to come across this while playing a game on here one of these days :)

woodman1985 responds:

I noticed you collaborated in some pretty popular movies, thanks for the review.

You are my hero

+10 just for being awesome dude this is amzeing

final fntasy!!!???

this has to be kingdom hearts seriously people listen closly

Kingdom Hearts

Very nice Kingdom Hearts remix. Keep it up.


I am now imagining the entire series on the NES.....this needs to happen.....it will be beautiful..... \('O')/