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Reviews for "Unreal Flash"

pretty good

pretty cool game, quite a bit of variaty, reasonable smooth gameplay and u managed to keep it true to the real unreal tourny,
but it lacked a bit of variety, plain DMs can get boring.Also the enemies got stuck quite alot.Overall it was pretty well done tho, nice work


That is an awesome flash game, luvd it. even botherd to complete each level, good job on the CPU players, they slowly got harder to defeat throught out. not many flash games have such advanced CPU players!
i also really liked the fact that you could make you own little senario like you can on proper PC or console games.
Fukin' rite job son!!

Not too bad

was a pretty good game but their was a small problem that i noticed in deathmatch mode whne i got shot i flew off the screen and the wall didint stop me so idk if it was soppose to be like that or no cause it suprised me.

Hey dude!

I'm sorry, but i think this is a SERIOUS rip-off!
It's a Unreal clone of the freeware game Soldat!

Graphics 2/10
They just seriously suck man, nothing spectacular, just the basic stuff.

Style 3/10
It's not your own! It's either ripped off of Soldat OR unreal! Though i didn't gave you a zero because the logo looked pretty cool...

Sound 8/10
It's ripped, but it's pretty darned well ripped!

Violence 6/10
Man, killing people made the game sooo laggy that there was hardly any violence... just some buggy and glytchy movements...

interactivity 6/10
Although the gameplay is ripped DIRECTLY from Soldat, it is quite an acomplishment to re-do the scripting in Action-script!

Humor 0/10
There's nothing fun about killing things! And nor is there any fun in playing badly animated, badly ripped games!

I hope you learn something out of this review, and might you not hate me now on this very moment, think of it as a lesson: Don't make sucky rip-offs!

Sorry... Flash7 & Linux.

Hello. Your game is surely good, but incompatible to Flashplayer 7.

Macromedia DONT develops a Flash 8 Version for Linux. So i can't play it.