Reviews for "Unreal Flash"


jesus christ this game kicks ass, my actual overall would of been somewhere around 23/10 but you can't do that, I would seriously consider playing this game if you somehow managed to get it to be multiplayer, I have only have one suggestion, maybe if you make a sequel or follow up, (please do) you could have some customization and perhaps health lying around? If not I wouldn't complain.

Your officially my hero.

This... is... godly!... One of the best games to date for sure. Couple of things though...
1.It would nice to have actual numbers that show you the amount of ammo you have instead of bars...
2.It gets laggy when there is more then 2 players on the screen.
3.There are some glitches.
4.Would be even cooler with different gameplay modes and with powerups etc.

Other then that, good job!

THIS GAME is the coolest shooter to date

with this game you can choose from team that have different look then name what you team is called when your in the mission mode you use your mouse to shoot the other team there time thst it slowed down

The quintessential flash game.

Very good Flash production. It's, of course, what we should all expect at this point from Armor Games. One of those flash games you can truly invest hours in.

(NOTE: I only rate categories as 0 if they don't apply to the product.)

Unbelievably well done, congratulations

I don't even want to know how you got that much game into such a small file. There are some small bugs, like the AI running into the wall and getting stuck (mainly on the Area 51 level), but this can be easily circumvented, I'm guessing, by just modifying the maps so that all the dead AI spots are circles, or where you can easily get from one level to the other. Can we hope for some sweet capture the flag action? Or maybe, just maybe, some... multiplayer? (if you somehow manage that, well... I'll give you the right of prima nocte)