Reviews for "WS-Tick Tack toe"

Yes, this is a pretty neat game.

To improve it.

You should add an animation when you lose or something. or when you win too.

Different animations each time.

Anyway, a solid game.

With pretty good AI as it turns out.



pretty neat little game


I think, you should add a modus, where to computer oponents are possible (with diferent ai power)


great ttt game

I think this was a good game and even if I put low points in some of the categories it deserves a high overall cause many things don't have to be in a ttt game to make it good.


You don't see many Tic Tac Toe games here. I liked it.
And man, the last Computer level was WAAAY hard.

jens-krause responds:

thanks, glad you liked it. im hoping to get some sot of award for this one...