Reviews for "Pong in one frame."


it was a very easy pong game. rather unoriginal too. some audio and color would've been nice too... i got bored and stopped playing after i was winning 26-4.

I've seen better...

Not bad, I'm not a fan of pong but let me explain somethings :
I put 1 for graphics, cause it was horrible and I gave a 5 for interactivity cause the ball was too much slow !!! I could play and review some other flash at the same time, speed up the ball...

Keep up your work...

Pretty lame, no sound or anything

You could have put some more work into the presentation before you displayed it online. if you though it sucked, then why did you display it. Would have even been better if you put a little menu or intro screen, or at least added sound when the ball hit the walls and paddles. Also, the computer instantly goes to where the balls position is and is almost impossible to beat. In other words, work a little harder before you display one of your works online, cause people can be relentless on it no matter what.


It's pong. Whoopdy doo.
Just as a question but what would be the signifigance of adding multiple frames to a game of pong? When I made it I just used one...


At first try the oponent paddle and the ball disapeared down.

So, this is the basic game, combined with stupid bugs ^^

I wonder why this didnt get blamed. We had better versions of that about 10000000 times...