Reviews for "Synch"

Well if that isnt the damndest thing!!

VERY VERY VERY original!

Great idea

good idea

Awesome idea!

Well, I spent quite a lot of time playing that. It was a really good idea and it was pretty awesome! The sounds were good too! It didn't make crappy sounds, it came out quite well. I just think there could be a little more features. I thought it was cool how the guy's mouth moved well and it actually seemed like he was talking. I think there should have been an option of characters and backgrounds. The idea was really great and the game itself was great too!

Definately awesome, but it could really use the option of choosing a different character. Maybe have a choice of male/female and then allow more customization.


Fun to play with for some time.
Although I dont like to be lipsynched by one of the backstreet boys.
Just kidding, that was good.
Sensitivity 0.2 worked the best on me. Wierd was that the chin moved the same for any sensitivity. Sometimes it got little wierd, as the mouth didnt synchronize with the chin, but ok.
I gave sound a 10 because i was the one making it =)