Reviews for "Synch"

Pretty good.

I like that, nice. Maybe you could add more fretures?


I had heaps of fun with this!!! It works alright..


Never got the jist of it. Either my mic isnt that great (and it is a peice of crap), or theres some sort of problem. I saw a little effect when I switched the sensitivity around. Maybe im just not one with these kind of things. But overall nice job.


Fun to play with for some time.
Although I dont like to be lipsynched by one of the backstreet boys.
Just kidding, that was good.
Sensitivity 0.2 worked the best on me. Wierd was that the chin moved the same for any sensitivity. Sometimes it got little wierd, as the mouth didnt synchronize with the chin, but ok.
I gave sound a 10 because i was the one making it =)


hee hee that was cool

a bit hard to set it right though