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Reviews for "Solus- electromechanism"



SolusLunes responds:



I think it is great. I will check out your other music.

\o/ (I am gonna start using that =Þ)

SolusLunes responds:

It is the greatest emote ever.

Ever considering making your own genre?

I think you should seriously think about making a new genre, since this awesomeness can't fit in anywhere.

SolusLunes responds:

See, but making a new genre seems presupposing to me, I'm assuming I'm breaking all new ground.

This song isn't really a new genre per se, it incorporates bits from Trance, DnB, Funk, and of course Techno. It's more of a mishmash that is impossible to categorize.


Electro-rave lol. This song make me think of a rave in a factory thatmakes robots lol.

btw I <3 TEH BASS. its teh sex to ma ears lol

SolusLunes responds:


OMG!!! New Favorite Song!!!!!!

Holy crap this is amazing!!! I love all your songs but this is by far the best! 10/10 and 5/5 and favorite!! It's a great loop. No awkward transition whatsoever. I was halfway through the second time when i realized it had started over!! So on to all the technical stuff.

0:00-0:08 had a beast melody to it. I was literally bobbing my head to the tune.
I also liked the tune of the, i dont know what you call it, a beep? Anyways that had a great effect on the intro to your song. I liked how it only played once through and then it looped once the main beat started.

The Rest:
Im sorry I don't have time to review a lot but I have to go. So I'll just say I LOVED it!!!!!!!!!!!! Best song EVER!!!!!!!!!!!!


SolusLunes responds:

That is a fuckton of exclamation marks.