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Reviews for "Solus- electromechanism"

Ever considering making your own genre?

I think you should seriously think about making a new genre, since this awesomeness can't fit in anywhere.

SolusLunes responds:

See, but making a new genre seems presupposing to me, I'm assuming I'm breaking all new ground.

This song isn't really a new genre per se, it incorporates bits from Trance, DnB, Funk, and of course Techno. It's more of a mishmash that is impossible to categorize.


I think it is great. I will check out your other music.

\o/ (I am gonna start using that =Þ)

SolusLunes responds:

It is the greatest emote ever.


I was about to give up hope because the year was ending without a beautiful Solus song... but what a better way than starting a new year with one of your superb songs?
The genre... I do not know, something dark and futuristic, something that I really like... and yes, the bass is great. I love this song, could not be otherwise... have a nice 2010!

SolusLunes responds:

I was trying to get something done for Christmas, but it just wasn't seeming like it was going to happen. But hey, this works just as well :D



SolusLunes responds: