Reviews for "Toothpaste"

Ur a robotic childmolister

that was really funny and well done. The guy before me din't know what her was talking about it was a good movie and it dint CURSE alot.

well,well,well.. mr freemont.

i love your movies :D

but does there have to be so much cursin ( no offence :c )
also,i really like the titles where it says "a fremont film".
it shows how you can be creative and do morphing movies like
mack productions.

cool movies,like how you model your characters,well done : D


I would have finished watching it if there was no cursing. My little brother likes to watch the clay-mation with me. Knox is much better in this respect. I didn't finish watching it, but im sure it was good.


U'r one of the best animators i've seen!!
U'r even better than Knox!!
Well.. U'r Animating is better...

Crazy Good!!

That's another incredible claymation by Freemont. You did a good job, dude. You must use like, what, 24 fps? Just make more as good as that one!!