Reviews for "Toothpaste"


oh man that was good, very nice work. keep it up.


lol that was funny! the graphics where really good made! gj!

classic classic

classic genious iv never seen a clay man piss in a cup n drink it and a good pedofile joke 2 robot child malester lol cant beat that liked the music n talkin scenes kicked ass keep up the good work
only fault was the bit where it was quiet all through start n u could barely hear it start but later got louder

mouths in a claymation? that was awesome!

Pretty funny, I liked the part at the end where he was just on a piece of paper. I don't know why u named the movie 'Toothpaste for dinner' or something. (I kindo forgot for a sec.) The mouth animation was sweet, though. I don't even think i've seen mouths in a claymation before! (And I watch a lot, too =) ) It was funny when u played the song during the 'experiments,' too. You should make another one! =)

My review

It was kinda funny, could have been better.