Reviews for "Toothpaste"

Really funny!

The whole "Your not a doctor your a robotic child molester" cracked me up. The fire effects that you have in your movies are always cool too.
(What was the orignal name of the movie?)


It was as funny as watching grass grow. The only part with any humor was the "scientific" stuff the cowboy did. Other than that, I found absolutely nothing funny in the cartoon.

So, anyway, what was the name of the flash before you changed it due to legal issues?


The guy in tgeh red shirts personality didnt match his visual character at all. The 'fuckin' cowboy' shirt was hot. the lighting was awesome. the camera moves were awsesome. im dru;n;k. the overall movie was boring and lame. sucka.


dude i wish i was as patient and as skilled as you are to be able to do something as well made and funny as that. my hats off to ya

This was great!

"I just fell on that piece of paper over there! None of you guys would help me up!" Lol! That was great. No, seriously! Keep up the good work!