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Reviews for "PJ Wireless5: Fight James"

Al is my god now!

Al Pigioni is my new favorite charecter. Strong Bad look out, Al is gonna take the interweb by storm.

And much better animated then a certin foaming rodent that is running, poorly animated, around this portal.

Marry me AL!!!

Great stuff, humor is wonderful


ones agin you amaze me i love the new carecter al and i am glad you keep trowing new eposodes alot moer then you yous to becuse you yous to update evry coupel of months but keep up the grate work and hurt clarens


a new eare of flashis


Pretty sweet. The story/writing was decent enough to watch the whole thing, but my God, man, the narrator/main characters voice was nearly unbearable. I've never seen a neptune circle or whatever thingy before, but I hope there's a reason he talks like a girly-man that works at Hot Topic.

Also, the ending was great, made the whole thing worth it. Plus the holy water thingy was sweet. ^_^ keep it up!

mmmmmmm cocaine

wow this was great. i never really saw a neptunecircle thing under judgment. I am a big fan of your movies and this movie so does not suck utter like most of these movies. i wonder when it will be on your site.