Reviews for "deathTrip"

ehhhh...so so

alright game, reminded me of old GTA games. the controls sucked fat nuts though. backing up was a pain in the ass.

DIE! >_<

Omg love it

Great game

Really surprised at the low score, but I guess it will rise once you get picked up for frontpage. Here's a bug though, I got stuck between a lamppost and a tree, below the cinema. I liked "bice street" by the way, subliminal messages for the Americans :)

Kianis responds:

Oh wow! Superbrightfuture! Actually I think my love for the word was initiated when I played your games (I rembember there was a pack of cigarettes with the brandname "bice")! Thanks for the bug report. Yeah, we'll see if I get a FP or not, hope so ;)


It was a cool and fun game, but the driving is really sensetive, turns REALLY sharp, so just change that and it would be a little better. Good Job :)


Decent game. I give props to you for this, however theres a few flaws. The controls are wierd, the graphics are decent in the game, but not groundbraking. Style was ok but it lacked originality. Sound was ok, but became repetitive, you need a option of songs to play or people will get bored. Violence got an 8 because of running over pedestrians. It is a game so it gets at least a 5 and +1 point for having 2 game modes, at least some options is good. Humor... costs 50 bucks to run over peeps and all is good.

Overall I give you a 6. You have a decent game coming along here but a couple things you need... options. And more of a game than simply taking a pedestrian from 1 place to another. You could have the car take damage and to get it's frame back up you would need to take it to a certain spot or when the car takes too much damage it's game over. As well to end the game, I got stuck, you must fix these spots, lots of bugs. No one likes to play a game and lose because of a an error they had no hope of avoiding. It frustrates a player and earns you a much lower score.