Reviews for "The Greatest Attempt"

Oh, well, suck my cock.

The guy that was before me has not made any flash, and is still on level one. I doubt he is in any position to give advice. He can suck a large cock. Rather good quality flash, and the LL still gets the title of the thousanth flash award for the third time in a row. Glee.

GentlemanLock responds:

Maybe you got a point about his profile but its not the way I see this. Anyway, yes we have this great title and we will keep it as long as we can/live!

Go 300K :)

Congrats on 300k, im not a huge fan of the clock, glock and lock stuff but this was pretty good.

Anyway keep up the good work!

GentlemanLock responds:

Thank you.

I gotta give you credit.

Even though it sucked you got the 300kth submission so congrats on that Lock Legion. =)

GentlemanLock responds:

HEY, this does not SUCK, its a piece of art...thx anyway.

damn it

well it doesnt suck too much, but you made the flash with the sole purpose of being the 300000th submition and its not all that good. If it wasnt i would blam it because then it would really make no sense. Good music and its well drawn for the few seconds that it runs...

GentlemanLock responds:

Yes it was made for this sole purpose, like the 4520389762 flash submitted that day.


I don't get it, is this an inside joke or something, why is everyone making a big deal?

GentlemanLock responds:

Its the 300k submission and it passed if you didn't find this out yet...