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Reviews for "Runaway Kart"

Nicely Done

Good job. Very addictive and entertaining. Also, it's a very interesting take on a game as there seems to be little variety these days. Loved the music too, gave the feeling of really being on an epic quest. You have a lot of potential - keep it up. One thing I might've done is add in some variety of challenges, such as actually getting to fight the knights at the start. Thumbs up!

Kinda Boring But Good Graphics

Graphics: 10 - The whole 3D effects were nice and everything flowed together nicely so bravo on that part.
Style: 3 - This kind of flash game is very boring, i nearly fell asleep twice trying to beat the story.
Sound: 8 - Nothing wrong with the audio choosen here, though i couldnt find a button to change what track was playing.
Violence: 5 - Some flashes and etc, random violence in the story line but nothing major.
Interactivity: 6 - Some ok and good choices and stuff you can do and etc, would have been higher if there was more things added that you could do.
Humor: 3 - Not meant to be funny kind of flash i assume so this category isnt included in the overal points.
Overall: 6 - It was good, not the best of its kind, and it was just so boring at parts, reason i just couldnt give it a higher overall.

What the Hell?!

This is absolute shit. I'm sorry but-- wait...no I'm not. This is absolute shit. What the hell were you thinking? The entire game, from concept to execution is a poor and mismanaged waste of, I would imagine at least, dare I say months of your life... It's such a shame... you could have gone on a course or something in that time. Oh well, I'm sure you're very proud... front page and all. Well I wish you all the luck in the world in the future, and look forward to seeing what you create when you develop some sort of inspired opportunism.

Denvish responds:

You're funny.

wow that was a total let down

this game gets boaring in like 10 seconds and the so called "3D" graphics are crap

I don't know what's so intense about it.

It's pretty hard >_< and it gets boring real quick.Nice try though XD