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Reviews for "Runaway Kart"

Not half Bad

that was a good shot but I like the medieval swing but all the same it's too easy just to dodge but out at the end still good

Not much Thought...

Seems very Lawnmower Man related. If you've never played the game, It reminds me of the flying scenes. Disappointing Game, but if it's a first try, then good effort.


i liked it, didnt really make sense, but fun and funny.


Why would a king want spread the black plague on his own city?

Good, but....

The game was enjoyable, I just didn't understand why it had to be a girl. While I'm not some sexist or something but I just thought it was unnecissary to have her show so much cleavage all the time and stuff. Or if you do you might as well confront us and put some full frontal nudity in it. I don't like it halfways.

And the story was a bit lacky. I don't think guards would discuss TOP SECRET plans in front of the prisoners and I don't think a bendy girl like this one would have the strength to pull iron out of stone. There wasn't a reason why the king would do this either.

But still, it's a racing game so I shouldn't be bothered by storyline too much. It was a little bit hard at some points, like when you had to deliver the potions, but further it was fine, racingwise.