Reviews for "Red Riding Hood"

wow awesome thanks for making this!!!

oh yeah I just love happy endings

This animation is my favorite on all of NG. As an anime fan I truly love the thought and effort put into this, very well done. The animation is incredible and the music suits the scenes perfectly!

For reference the two scores are -
Ensiferum - Mourning Heart
Saw - Hello Zepp (by Charles Clouser)

Ensiferum is terribly underrated Finnish band who does folk metal. If you like metal with a bit of a twist check them out!!

The animation, music, and reading were very well done, creating great atmosphere for the whole thing. Not a lot of people get told the unedited originals, which is quite frightening enough in its own right with cannibalism, child nudity, and Red getting consumed (with no hunter to save her for a happy ending), so it's nice to see the original get some love. This is really well done.

The only think that kinda gets me is the whole steel corset thing. What was the point of it? I felt like it didn't seem to have any purpose besides adding some stock darkness and blood. What does it have to do with this interpretation of the tale? One would think it might suggest strengthening of Red's character, but she is still a naive knit who can't tell her mother from a wolf who dies without so much as a fight, so yeah, it irks me, especially since everything else seems to flow together so perfectly. Still, this is a pretty good adaption and you can tell a lot of thought was put into it.


Simply brilliant!!
Keep it up!!