Reviews for "Red Riding Hood"

Very good job,

however you seem to have misspelt the title.

It should read 'Red RIDING Hood' You have inserted an extra d in riding, creating ridding. I don't believe this was intentional.

Excellent work all around, and about the only thing I can find fault in, is at times your anatomy falls a bit short and the figures look a bit flat.

Just wow.

Great naration and the ending is great. Very suspensefull, I had no idea what was coming towards the end. I thought maybe the hunter would kill the wolf. I had no idea the wolf was writing the story the whole time( or telling it from memory ). Graphics are top notch. Just overall very nice, hope it gets front page.

Stunning >:)

The graphics are amazing, and the entire story is really quite good... Simple yet it keeps you interested.
Erm.. I can't really see anything wrong with it :\
So it's perfect I guess? In my eyes anyway :D
Well i hope you make more flash movies, they're brilliant. 5/5