Reviews for "Hans Dick Clock Version"

good game

great expessialy-(cant spell)- with computer voices

ampm responds:

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Choose your words carefully!

Oh. I will.

it was funny

you're lucky hans dick is soo funny. thats why you got my vote lol. very funny humor of his. i think some of the jokes were funnier with the computor voice. lol

ampm responds:


need's some work

most of it was halfway decent, the graphics wern't great, and there was barely any animation. I did think that some of the parts were funny.
I'm not a clock hater, but I do think that this will pass judgement solely on the fact that it is a clock flash. next time you should work harder on the graphics, and add some animation.

ampm responds:


Not bad

One of the finer flash movies of the CC in my opinion. The jokes were funny and the syncing was right. Good job overall.

ampm responds:

Thank you sirf

Uh huh

This gets a zero.

Just like everything else from the Clock Crew, whether you're really in it or not.

ampm responds:

gay nut slusher