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Reviews for "Foamy Fucks Germaine"

Does nobody realize that this came out in 06? This was amazing back then...

ummmm...... okay.....?

i didnt know foamy had more retarded side.

You've coulda done better than that surely!

i'm making it a one star just cause you tried but failed oh so miserably but tried at least. and an many cases as a fan of the foamy cult ths is wrong on so many levels why didn't you just pair Germaine up with her boy friend-slash-stalker for me that would've made more since but oh well to each their own.

As the saying goes if you don't succeed try try again, practice makes perfect and all that jazz. so keep at it, eh.

Yea.. Foamy Doesn't do this kind of thing...

So, sorry but this is offensive to Foamy himself, not to mention Germaine, not to mention all date rape victims who enjoyed Foamy till they saw this.

could've been done better

I get off better by watching the actual episodes and seeing some unseen horny fag jiz on germaine's face then i do by watching this. but at least you actually came up with the idea. I'm suprised no one else has tried copying your attempt at a foamy hentai. Anyway, probably needs some work but shows potential for any future foamy hentais you might do....